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Welcome To DEVILLA WOK at Bedford

In the heart of Bedford, Devilla Wok whispers tales of Asian culinary artistry. Noodles & Rice Bowls dance to a symphony of flavors, served with a touch of authenticity that has won hearts far and wide. Devilla Wok's Beef Ramen and Beef Pho reigns supreme in Bedford, a soul-soothing broth laden with tender beef, an epitome of comfort and taste.
The menu transcends with choices like Curry Crispy Chicken, a tantalizing crunch yielding to succulent meat in fragrant curry, Unagi Don's delicate eel atop rice, and Gyu Don's tender beef melody. Devilla Wok embraces diversity, offering halal delights to cater to all.
In the tapestry of Bedford's culinary landscape, Devilla Wok stands as a vibrant thread, weaving together Asian traditions, modern flair, and a commitment to culinary excellence, all within the warm and welcoming embrace of a truly exceptional dining experience.

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936 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada B4A 3P1